Vegetable Whip Topping

Vegetable Whip Topping

Whip topping sheet

100% vegetable whip topping


  • Economical – whips 4-5 times it’s liquid volume
  • Consistent quality with smooth mouth-feel
  • Great flavor – tastes like dairy cream
  • Significantly more stable than dairy cream
  • Refrigerated liquid – conveniant and easy to use
  • Long refrigerated shelf life
  • Resists cracking and weeping
  • Delivers a fresh, creamy taste
  • Versatile – blends well with additional flavors, colors, and real whipped cream
  • Lactose-free

Serving Suggestions

  • Topping for dessert
  • Topping for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Cake decorating
  • Fillings for cakes, donuts, and pastries
  • Great substitute for dairy cream in any recipe

Whipping Instructions

  • Whip at medium speed in a chilled bowl using approximately 10% of bowl capacity.
  • Whip topping at refrigerated temperatures between 2o-4oc until firm peaks are formed.
  • Do not over whip.
  • Whipping times may vary with quantity, whipping speed and bowl size.
  • One liter at medium speed will take 8-12 minutes in a 10 qt, bowl for maximum yield.

Storage Instructions

  • Keep liquid and dessert topping refrigerated 2o-4oc at all times.
  • Once package is opened use all contents within one week. Whipped product can be frozen.